Organising your group

Charitable Status

Details on the charitable status you require to be approved as a community sponsor
In order to be approved by the Home Office as a Community Sponsorship group, your application must be made through a registered charity or community i

Partnering with a charity

In order to be approved as a Community Sponsor, you will need a registered charity number. Here we outline things to think about when partnering with a charity
Working with an existing charity to support your application to be a community sponsor is a great way to offer the very best to the refugees you will

Your Group

Community Sponsorship groups come in all shapes and sizes; there isn’t a right or wrong way of organising yourselves.  Our advice draws on how other groups have worked and provides you with ideas for organising your own group.
When you begin planning, it’s really important to spend time thinking  about how your group will operate.  You may find that you have a larg
Who is involved? When you are thinking about becoming a community sponsor, you may discover that you are already part of a group – be it a faith gr

Forming a Group

This resource will help you consider the skills and experience needed within your group
In order to manage your group and ensure that tasks are delegated fairly and appropriately, it may be helpful to establish roles for group members. Sp

Managing Volunteers

Here you will find hints and tips for recruiting, managing and supporting your volunteer team
Community Sponsorship groups are made up of active, highly committed volunteers. You may be meeting each other for the first time, or you may have kno

Managing your group safely

Things to think about when ensuring the wellbeing of your group.
There are some key things to think about when you start organising your group.  We have outlined some of the measures that you will need to put i